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  • A short title for your project should consist of key words e.g., "Poverty and Crime, Qualitative, Social" or "Changes in Banking Regs, Existing Data, Finance" 
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  • Students should complete this form in consultation with their supervisors.
  • **** NEW ***  A checklist for supervisors and reviewers can be found in the Templates in the HELP menu above, and on the MyLearning Middlesex Online Research Ethics area http://mdx.mrooms.net/course/view.php?id=12277 (Log in required)
  • Please do not commence data collection until you receive an email and attachment stating that you have approval 
  • Remember to SAVE your application as you go. This will not submit your application, but it will avoid work being lost should the system time out after 90 minutes inactivity. 
  • Users trying to update their ethics form to a new version must first ensure that the 'mother form' of the main application has been updated to the newer version.
  • If you need help please email MOREsupport@mdx.ac.uk
  • User guides and video guides for the MORE system, templates for consent forms etc and further information to help you with research ethical issues can be found on MyLearning moodle course page: Middlesex Online Research Ethics http://mdx.mrooms.net/course/view.php?id=12277 (Log in required)

Please note: The Middlesex University Code of Practice for Research must be followed by staff, students and visitors.  Allegations of Research Misconduct as defined in the Code of Practice for Research will be follow the procedure as outlined in the Code of Practice for Researchers. (A copy of the Code or Practice can be downloaded from 'Templates' under the Help menu.)